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The mini sized RetroKitchen medicine chest is the perfect accompaniment to the Good Mood Food Remedy Balm collection, and such a great way to continue the task of DETOXING YOUR MEDICINE CABINET! It features internal compartments for sorting, and fits well in the bathroom cabinet or under the sink. The size is perfect for travelling with, too.


The mini medicine box can hold all of the 30ml balms, OR 6 of the 65ml, OR 6 of the 120ml jars, OR a combination of all sizes.


The box is made from high quality metal and enamel coating, in keeping with our goals of providing you with products that are free of unecessary plastics and toxic chemicals. 


This box is sold separately without balms, if you would like to buy the balms and the box together to receive a discount, please see the Balm pack options.


Size 26 x 21 x 17cm