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RECIPE: Lemon Coconut Lollies

My wonderful lemon tree, knuckles dragging with heavy yellow fruit, has been relieved of her burden by two enthusiastic little pickers. It's our first lemon season being grain-free and sugar-free , so I have been scouring Pinterest for lemon recipes and ideas. Thank goodness for the Real Food Movement, I say! So what's on the menu? Preserved lemons (of course, because there's nothing better than fermenting a crop so that it lasts all year!), lemon and almond bread, lemon lime curd (with honey instead of sugar), and these lemon coconut lollies pictured above, that I made to pop into the kids lunchboxes. We have to eat a certain amount of coconut oil every day, along with lots of other healthy fats like butter, ghee, olive oil, lard and fish oils.

Coconut oil is, among many other things, a fabulous anti-fungal so we have been using it as a great way to treat/ help keep parasites at bay in our GI tract. And what better way to get it into everyone, than by making it into a medicinal lolly!

Coconut Lemons Recipe: 1 cup Coconut oil 2 T raw Honey 1 x Lemon (rind and juice) Warm it all together in a pan (don't boil it, as this will destroy the medicinal properties of the honey and coconut oil)

Blend with a food processor/ stick blender until smooth. Pour into silicon moulds and put into the freezer.

Once removed from the moulds, store in a dish the fridge. In winter, these will last perfectly in lunchboxes. In the Australian summer, they will melt like a chocolate teacup, so keep them in the fridge for an afternoon treat after school.


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