A neat and tidy little box containing 2 x 15ml tins of your chosen balms. This is the perfect way to top up a few of your empties from the TRAVEL PACK, or just to get two of your favourite non-toxic Sole Balms into your handbag for those out-and-about emergencies!
Choose 2  of any of the following Good Mood Food balm products:
- All purpose HEALING Balm
- CHEST Sole Balm
- SLEEP Sole Balm
- BLACK Poultice
- SUMMER Skin Balm
- FARM Balm
- CALM Sole Balm
PLEASE NOTE: ANNOINTMENT for Women and MIRACLE Skin Food cannot be selected, and can be purchased separately. This is due to a different price and size schedule.

2 Balm Travel Pack (15ml)


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