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Introducing the newest member of the GMF Sole Balm family: the TRAVEL PACK! This lovely, slim-line, sturdy and recyclable box is filled with 15ml tins of all 8 rainbow Sole Balms. It will slip perfectly into your handbag or onboard luggage, taking all the stress out of choosing which balms to take with you on holiday! It is also THE PERFECT GIFT, to help introduce a friend or family member to the idea of detoxing their medicine cabinet with baby steps. I’ve included a mini balm guide that you can stick in your wallet or on the fridge, to take the guesswork out of which balm for which occasion. (There is always the more detailed User Guide PDF available for your to download from this site).

This deal includes one of each balm flavour in 8 x 15ml tins:

- All purpose HEALING Balm,

- CHEST Sole Balm

- SLEEP Sole Balm

- BLACK Balm


- FARM Balm


- CALM Sole Balm


Note: The 15ml travel pack is only available as a pre-packed set. If you would like to pick and choose your products, please select individual balms in the 30ml, 65ml or 120ml sizes.

8 Balm Travel Pack

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