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GMF BLACK Poultice brings back into fashion the idea of a drawing poultice, by using that wonderful detoxifying agent: Activated Charcoal! We have used it for drawing out deep seated thorns and glass and other foreign objects. Just apply a small amount under a bandaid, and leave it overnight. I have had feedback from customers that have had good success using it for drawing out infections, as a blackhead removing face mask, for acne, on painful insect bites, boils, warts, skin fungus, cysts, staph infections, and the list keeps growing! Every day I receive a message with a new use for this wonderful little black balm!

It is now available in all sizes: 120ml, 65ml and 30ml size.


Application: GMF BLACK Poultice is thick, greasy and black so if you are using it to treat a wound on the body, it is best to be smeared on under a bandaid or bandage. I usually leave it on for at least 24 hours, then reapply until I am satisfied that the wound is disinfected, or the foreign object has been drawn out. I have noticed that if a thorn/ glass is impeded by a small flap of skin, this will prevent the object from coming out. If you are using it on your face, it will wipe away with a wet cloth or face wipes.

BLACK Poultice

  • Beeswax, Cold pressed Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, activated charcoal. Made from natural and organic ingredients.

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