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(3 sizes available) GMF Sleep Balm: I started making it in response to my adrenals and thyroid becoming very tired after my third pregnancy. The combination of magnesium and lavender has really worked for me, so I knew that this balm was going to be a winner!

It comes in 3 useful sizes, all available in non-toxic GLASS jars: the handbag size 30ml, the travel size 65ml and the family size 120ml.

Application: GMF Sleep Balm is best applied to the soles of the feet for maximum absorption, just before bedtime.For adults, it can also be rubbed on the pulse points around the body.

SLEEP Sole Balm

  • Beeswax, Cold pressed Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Magnesium Oil, Organic Lavender essential oil Made from natural and organic ingredients.

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