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Starting a baby on solids should be an act of protection, nourishment, and also healing if there are signs of gut damage after the first few months of life.This protocol, based on the advice given by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in the GAPS book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), details how to transition from just breastmilk to solids PLUS breastmilk. It is based on the simple idea that up till now, your baby’s gut is used to absorbing the highly digestible and deeply nourishing liquid breastmilk. A baby’s gut doesn’t have to work hard to digest breastmilk, so the move to solids should be as gentle as possible, while your baby's gut adapts.

This eBook outlines the first 10 weeks of slowly and gently moving your baby onto a wholefoods diet, in a way that protects, nourishes and heals.

Introducing Baby's First Foods - A healthy gut start for babies

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