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When our family received a diagnosis of PARASITES, I was dismayed to discover that Parasites are routinely treated with hardcore antibiotics. This is not something I wanted to do, after 20 months of repairing my family's gut microbiome on the GAPS protocol. I found that most studies show that these antibiotics are frequently ineffective, have fairly severe side-effects, contribute to antibiotic resitance, and cause more damage to the gut. And at the end of it, 50% of people still have the parasites. So, I looked into what GAPS said about parasites, and I from this I developed a non-toxic, natural parasite treatment that, in conjunction with diet, was effective in eradicating a number of parasites from our whole family.

I believe that we were well placed to have success with this treatment because of our diet, but the BEST part about the treatment was that a lifetime of really stubborn symptoms, like fatigue, brain fog and confusing food reactions, disappeared very quickly!


I have developed this non-toxic, natural protocol as a mother, not as a doctor. This protocol worked for my family, but we did first speak to our doctor who advised us to get stool tests, and assisted us with scripts for where required.

If you have any concerns or questions about this protocol, speak with your doctor first.


As mentioned, we used this parasite treatment while on the GAPS protocol, and it is therefore GAPS compliant. We used it to successfully treat the overgrowth of giardia, D. Fragilis and Blastocystis Hominis.

Parasite Protocol by Good Mood Food

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