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When we finally decided that it was going to be less painful to change our diet than to keep ‘fire-fighting’ my kids symptoms, we knew that the only way forward for us was to follow the GAPS protocol. My husband and I had read every other ‘healing’ diet, but the GAPS diet was by far the most comprehensive, practical and gentle healing protocol, and the anecdotal stories of healing were the most compelling. There were literally thousands of mothers all over the world who had kids like mine, who were healed and moving on with their new, healthy lives.

The problem that we faced was that we were eating what is referred to as the SAD diet (Standard Australian Diet), which is full of convenient, processed foods that require very little preparation, and very little cooking from scratch. We had a kid who had only eaten rice, in rice milk with canned corn for every meal for most of his life. And the only reason he ate this was to ‘keep him in the game’, so that he knew how to chew and swallow. He survived on 5 bottles a day of hypoallergenic formula.

So how on earth was I going to suddenly start cooking all this nutritious food from scratch, and how on EARTH was I going to convince this kid to open his mouth and actually eat this food?

My son had a trauma-associated response to food: as far as he was concerned, all food might kill him. The saddest part of this was that there was truth in it.

We knew that there was no way we were going to be able to launch straight into GAPS: we had to learn how to prepare healthy food, and we had to find a way to introduce this food without making my son MORE food adverse, and most importantly, without making my son sick.

This particular eBook is going to deal with the steps that you can take to slowly introduce the CRITICAL HEALING FOODS, without becoming overwhelmed, and in a way that will ensure that you get to feel the health benefits!


If your gut needs healing, but you are struggling with the idea of changing your diet, or find the whole thing overwhelming and suspect that you might fail, read this eBook. 
It gives you practical steps for introducing the 4 most important healing foods, as a way to kick start your healing journey.


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