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Here at Good Mood Food, we are focussed on two things: DETOXING and HEALING the body. These are 2 separate activities, that when combined, bring amazing results for people suffering with chronic health issues. For more info on healing, click HERE.

DETOXING the body is a journey to eliminate toxins that have built up over the years. It also means detoxing the home: cleaning products, beauty products, air and water all need a good hard investigation. A major sources of toxins in your home is your medicine cabinet. The chemical lotions and potions designed to relieve symptoms always have side-effects. This is because a 'symptom' is your body crying out for help. So if you mask that cry, it will manifest somewhere else in your body.

Good Mood Food Sole Balms come without side effects, because they are 100% natural, with all the probiotic and healing benefits of natural ingredients. They were designed by a mother to meet the immediate medical needs of her 3 kids, as well as to ease the symptoms of detox while healing on the GAPS protocol

These balms are handmade in Australia, and each one is prayed over, that they might bring healing and relief into your homes.

PS: Please feel free to download a free copy of the BALMS USER GUIDE for more information.

How it started: 
All Purpose HEALING Balm:

In 2015, I started making a healing balm for the family, as a way to provide natural remedy solutions to skin ailments while detoxing my medicine cabinet.

I was delighted to find that we were able to use it for almost everything: rashes, eczema, burns, including sunburn, nappy rash, cracked nipples, stretch marks, dry skin, dry lips, hair moisturiser, to name a few. As a result, I was able to get rid of almost all the synthetic medicines in my first aid box.

I had been giving tins of what I called 'my little miracle balm' to friends, with such wonderful feedback, so I decided to start selling it, since there is SUCH a need to find remedies that work, but that don't include the standard list of petro-chemicals, parabens and preservatives that we have been sold on for so many years now.

So far so AWESOME! This little All Purpose healing balm is a bestseller, and is getting a ton of wonderful testimonials that make me 100% sure that I am in the right place in my life!

CHEST Sole Balm:

This hardworking little legend came about because I had to work out a balm to help my son's night time breathing when he would presented with a really heavy chest cold which suddenly started to lead to asthma symptoms in 2014 and 2015. The pressure was on because we quickly realised that he was severely intolerant to the standard meds that are administered in the hospital, like steroids and ventolin. I did my research, and I added some recommended essential oils to my healing balm. It reminds me of Vicks, but without the petroleum jelly and other nasty ingredients. Even better, we found that it really worked for my son! What a relief! It has proved so successful that we have only had 1 mild chesty episode since, and we turned it around without steroid medication or the usual hospital visit! We have now been using this for the whole family when cold symptoms hit the household. 

It is best applied to the soles of the feet for maximum absorption. You can also apply it to the chest and pulse points. 

TOP TIP: For severe coughs, I would recommend applying the chest balm to the soles, then applying a circle of freshly sliced onion rings. Use socks to keep the onion rings on the feet during the night. This was an old wives tale that I heard, and finally tried one day with AMAZING results! 

SLEEP Sole Balm:

This is my personal favourite, and a Good Mood Food bestseller! I started making it in response to my adrenals and thyroid becoming very tired after my third pregnancy. I was having so much trouble falling asleep, but I was SO tired! 
So I created a balm with magnesium and lavender in it: I had been using Epsom salts and lavender essential oil in the bath to help ease my detox symptoms, aching muscles, to settle my nervous system and calm my adrenal system so that I could better fall asleep when my body needed to.  This combination really worked for me, so I knew that this balm was going to be a winner!

It is best applied to the soles of the feet for maximum absorption, just before bedtime.

SUMMER Skin Balm:

Because of our chemical sensitivity, and a desire to reduce the toxic load on our family, we stopped using commercial sun cream a few years ago. We LOVE the outdoors and do so much better when we are out soaking up Vitamin D! But it is getting hotter in Australia, and I felt the restrictions of avoiding the midday sun, or having inadequate protection in the hotter months.

So I developed this SUMMER Skin balm for our family that is smooth and nourishing for the skin, and when we discovered that it also offered us a natural protection from the sun, because of the added zinc oxide (non-nano), all our Christmases had come at once!
We apply this in small amounts, and then reapply it after swimming or sweating. I have found that it generally lasts at least 30 minutes. I apply it more frequently for the fairer skinned members of our family, and I only need to reapply it after about an hour on my more olive skin. I find that it helps to keep the skin supple and moist in a climate that really puts pressure on the skin, especially in the Summer!
Please note: it is not a sunscreen, and it has not been SPF tested yet. It is primarily a summer skin moisturiser, but we have found that it offers our family a wonderfully natural, toxin-free protection that we are happy with! 

SUMMER Balm.jpg
Black Poultice:

This dark and broody bad boy is my secret delight! It brings back into fashion the idea of a drawing poultice, by using that wonderful detoxifying agent:  Activated Charcoal!

We have used it for drawing out deep seated thorns and glass and other foreign objects. I find this such a pleasure to use on children who are dreading having to have a thorn removed by mom! Just apply a small amount under a bandaid, and leave it overnight! 

II have had feedback from customers that have had good success using it for drawing out infections, using it as a blackhead removing face mask, as well as for acne, on painful insect bites, boils, warts, skin fungus, cysts, staph infections, and the list keeps growing! Every day I receive a message with a new use for this wonderful little black balm!

This is definitely a balm that I recommend every mother have in her medicine cabinet!