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RECIPE: GAPS/ PALEO Christmas Cookies

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Grain free, Refined sugar free, Dairy free

Well, 'tis the season for giving, so please accept with my love and gratitude, for all of you and all you do for me, this free recipe based on the Almond Crackers recipe from my ebook Nourishing Party Food.

This recipe is my new best friend, and we are going through almonds at a rate of knots, which is a sign that we PROBABLY need to engage in the theory of moderation a bit more...never mind! Christmas will soon be over!

MASSIVE TIP: I use the base of this recipe to make the following:

crackers, nachos, biscuits, pizza base, pie crust (including for mince pies!), and quiche crust. The trick is to make the Base recipe, and then add the ingredients that you need depending on what you intend to make.

So for example, if you are making nachos, take the Base mixture (see below), and just add a few pinches of salt and half a cup of grated parmesan to this recipe. Mix the dough, then roll the dough out (about 2 mm thin at the most!) between 2 sheets of baking paper. Then cut the thinned out dough into squares, and then triangles, and bake in the oven for 12 minutes on 150C or 300F, or until nice and brown! For normal crackers, just add salt and maybe some chopped up or dried herbs.

For pie crusts, add salt if its a savoury dish, or a Tablespoon of honey if it's a sweet pie.

For pies, always bake the crust (that you have pressed into the pie dish) for 10 minutes before adding the filling, and then bake the filling if required.