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God Food: the premise.

I started writing The Book today and felt so overwhelmed with purpose and excitement that it was too much not to share.

I had a vision of myself, and this book I had written, going viral because I claimed to have helped God to write a book. In my vision, I was being interviewed, and the question that came at me was “How can you claim to have a direct connection to God? What makes you so special? Is he talking to you right now?” That kind of scoffing line of questioning. The person conducting the interview premised this question with his own faith, which was that God couldn’t exist because of all the crap that happens in the world.

My answer (God’s answer) was awesome. And I realised that it was the reason I had to write this book.

(Assume I am not interrupted ha ha):

“When you ask that question, you are already positioned. You have thought about God a lot, and have decided that He does not exist. From your position, everyone who believes in Him is probably crazy.

The problem is that just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

I know I know, that holds true for my position too.