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God Food: the premise.

I started writing The Book today and felt so overwhelmed with purpose and excitement that it was too much not to share.

I had a vision of myself, and this book I had written, going viral because I claimed to have helped God to write a book. In my vision, I was being interviewed, and the question that came at me was “How can you claim to have a direct connection to God? What makes you so special? Is he talking to you right now?” That kind of scoffing line of questioning. The person conducting the interview premised this question with his own faith, which was that God couldn’t exist because of all the crap that happens in the world.

My answer (God’s answer) was awesome. And I realised that it was the reason I had to write this book.

(Assume I am not interrupted ha ha):

“When you ask that question, you are already positioned. You have thought about God a lot, and have decided that He does not exist. From your position, everyone who believes in Him is probably crazy.

The problem is that just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.

I know I know, that holds true for my position too.

I would put to you that there is a difference: that my position is far more entrenched than yours, because I haven’t just thought about it and made a human decision to believe something.

I have experienced the Love of God. It is like the joy of becoming a parent, or falling in love, or flying, but magnified a hundred times over.

It is not an experience that is possible to deny.

I am also not unique in my experience, only in the way God made me. There are MILLIONS of people who have had a similar experience as me, and who also cannot deny it. They talk to God too, they just haven’t claimed to write a book for Him. Oh wait…the Bible…

So here I sit, unable to deny what I have experienced, and I am trying to communicate that to you, who has based your decision on human logical theory. If you have based it on your experience of the world in all its potential to cause horror and harm, then I am truly sorry for my assumption.

Many people say that if God was real, he would not let children suffer, or so much harm come to the world. But this is what I understand:

All the love and the hope and the joy in the world belongs to God. He does not operate in fear, despair, hate or anxiety. He can’t. It is not in His nature, which means it is not possible. He can exist in the fear and despair. He can do his very best work in these environments, to help the people that he loves (aka all of us) but that should not allow us to lose sight of the fact that it is NOT what he intended for the world.

I understand that in the same way many people believe in the theory of evolution, that there is an evolution of CHAOS that has happened from the day He created us. From this moment, He taught us that to have a relationship with him that was not automated, or devoid of choice, we had to have free will. How can you love God if you HAVE to love him? That would lead to resentment, because that is how humans work. We like our free will.

Every time a human being has made a poor choice for themselves or for someone else, a choice that was not what God would have advised, it has led to an outcome that was not what God intended for us. Take every bad choice of every human for ever and ever, and watch the knock-on effects of those choices. The effects on people, on government, on climate, on animals, on families; thousands of generations of awful human choices, and you arrive at the chaos of the world today. The part of the world that operates without God’s guidance and love has the potential to be a truly evil spectacle.

And then there is that evil that we refer to as the devil.

The devil, as far as I see it, is not powerful like God. He cannot create human life or even take it away. His one power is deceit. He lies, all the time. And many parts of the world are a perfect breeding ground for lies to be accepted as truths in order to continue the cycle of making choices that go against what God intended for each of us. For our society to continue to head in the wrong direction. You know that movie The Matrix? I reckon God’s heart was inside the director and writers’ hearts when they made that movie. The Matrix is where many, many people’s minds reside. They look to each other for guidance on how to make choices, and they don’t know the power of unplugging from the deceptively ordered chaos, in order to rest into the guidance of God. For what a restful, non-striving place it is!

As I see it now, there are many matrixes in life, and they’re all connected. There is a Food Matrix (driven by corporate advertising) where we are led to believe that easy, cheap, nutritionally deficient food is okay to eat.

This is supported by the Medical Matrix (driven by corporate pharmaceutical motivations) which leads us to believe that if the food we are consuming is making us unwell, we don’t have to change our source of food, we just have to take these pills for the rest of our lives.

There are some other big ones: The Media Matrix, the Political Matrix, and the Mob Matrix (this is the one where society bullies us into doing what makes the mob feel more comfortable and less threatened). These are the 5 that I have unplugged from so far, but I am sure that there are many more.

While we lived within these Matrixes, I could not see the answer of how to heal my child. My son presented at 3 weeks old with allergies that progressed to an intolerance to all food. By the age of 5, he was surviving on hypoallergenic formula and rice. I could not believe that God had done this to me. I could not find a human being to help me, because I was still connected to the food and medical matrix, and not to God.

My experience of finding God was a lifelong journey of emptiness and non-commitment as a Christian, to a sudden experience of falling to my knees under waves of Joy. I have heard His voice since that day, his light-filled voice, leading me out of the darkness of depression and post-traumatic stress, and then leading me to the answer of how to partner with Him in healing my child. With God Food.”

It was always going to be a big answer to the biggest question.

The short answer is: If we are in prison, we cannot fulfil our potential, the one that God intended for us. Lies and deceit keep us in prison.

It is the TRUTH that will set us free.

This book is a story of healing, a guide to your own healing, but mostly it is a message from God that everything is going to be okay, He gave us everything we need to be well. If our mental health is failing, His Food and His design can fix it. If our children are existing within prisons of chronic health issues, God will show you how to pull the bars down for them and set them free.

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