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Hope for healing: childhood chronic health disorders

Emma is a mum of 2 beautiful boys who has been to hell and back before finding the GAPS protocol, and an answer to her prayers. She was a client of mine (back when I was still coaching): I supported her when she started the GAPS Introduction diet for a multitude of chronic health issues, the worst of which were SPD, Failure to Thrive and severe eczema. She has kindly written their story to offer hope to other mothers who are stuck in the hopelessness of the current epidemic of childhood chronic disease. I'll start with the miraculous Before and After pictures of her eldest, Mason. When I first saw these, I got quite tearful at the incredible impact that a lioness mother can have on her child.

Mason and Harrison's Story

We have been parents for 6.5 years, and so far while we have quite a list of challenges we have battled, we are winning these battles. It has taken some time, but we are on track to making a life full of health and hope for our children. It has not been easy, and at times it has seemed all too hard and impossible. This is a journey of parenthood that could have been different, it should not have been this hard. The impact our Gut has on future generations, and the choices we make, and that are forced on us from the moment of conception, are what shape our children and families. For us, like many the list of issues is long: SPD, anxiety, IBS, chronic bronchitis, failure to thrive, global developmental delays, Sleep apnea and disorders, severe stutter, hearing loss, anemia, severe and chronic eczema, asthma, low muscle tone, behavioral issues and the list just goes on.

When our eldest son Mason was born, our lives changed forever, like it does for any parent. Mason had quite a traumatic entry into the world, I received IV antibiotics during labour due to the meconium in my leaking waters. He was showing distress throughout the entire 12 hour induced labour. I started to push uncontrollably, and was told not to push as I was not ready. I was given an epidural to stop me from pushing, they checked me low and behold I was dilated... The obstetrician used a vacuum with such force, that the vacuum flew through the room and hit the back wall with a bang! The resus team were called in case of the worst, thankfully he seemed fine when he was born!

It was a