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Here at Good Mood Food, we are focussed on two things: DETOXING and HEALING the body. These are 2 separate activities, that when combined, bring amazing results for people suffering with chronic health issues. For more info on how we can help you to support detoxing, click HERE.

HEALING means resolving the root cause of your chronic health issues. These can manifest as physical issues (IBS, allergies, eczema, rashes, pain, fatigue, bloating, SIBO, constipation, arthritis, diarrhoea, to name a few) they can present as mental health and behavioural concerns (OCD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Brain fog, to name a few). For me, it was a combination.

In order to fully resolve these symptoms, or RED FLAGS as I like to refer to them, you first need to fix the gut. If your gut is not working properly, it does not absorb the vitamins and minerals out of food correctly. This alone will have a huge impact on how your organs, your glands, your hormones and your brain function. The impact is complicated, but the root cause of the problem is not. I have collated a huge amount of information in the blogs below, as well as my eBOOKS and PODCASTS to help you navigate your way through the HEALING part of your journey, without becoming overwhelmed.

"I highly recommend this website to parents of children with health problems. Written by a parent who successfully healed her own children, this website will give you genuine and very valuable information. Thank you, Mary Kelly for sharing your knowledge with the whole world!"

Dr Natasha Campbell - McBride, world - renowned doctor and bestselling author of the GAPS protocol  - 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome'

RECIPE: The Perfect (healing) Morning Smoothie

There are a bunch of medicinal foods that are recommended on the GAPS protocol to: - assist the healing of the gut lining, - enable proper digestion of fats and minerals, - continue the rebuilding of a healthy microbiota in your GI tract, - assist the bodies organs with a gentle but persistent detox, and - promote a strong immune system. I found that it is very difficult to keep up with all of these particular foods, each of which is really important, if I give them out separately on a daily basis. I was in the kitchen a LOT, measuring out this much kefir and that much Fermented Cod Liver Oil, and "just drink this weird water and WAIT COME BACK, WE'RE NOT FINISHED!" Anyway, so then I read

RECIPE: Bolognaise made with Broth

I posted a picture of our dinner the other night, and was inundated with positive vibes and requests for the recipe. It is a very simple recipe, and so very nourishing, because it is an opportunity to load up with vegetables, grassfed meat and fat, and most importantly, BROTH. I won't muck about, here are the details: Ingredients: Note: use organic as much as possible: 1 clove Garlic, diced 1 Onion, diced 2 Carrots, diced 1 stick Celery, diced 1 handfull chopped fresh herbs (Thyme, Sage, oregano, rosemary, for example) 2 T grassfed fat (Ghee, Butter, Tallow, for example) 1 kg Grassfed beef Mince 1 400g can of Organic diced tomato, or to avoid the BPA in tin cans, chop up 6 tomatoes in your

HOW TO: keep your child's gut healthy during antibiotic treatment

Last week, my daughter was complaining of a sore ear (again). In the last few months we have been surprised that she has suddenly developed a regular ear ache: neither of my kids have ever had ear trouble in the past, so it was confusing to me that now, while we are achieving so much healing, my daughter should develop a health issue. I just want to run through how we have managed this, so that I might be able to pass some tools on to you for when you find yourselves in a similar situation: from the symptom management of having to treat a burst ear drum with the dreaded antibiotics (abx) without destroying your child's gut health, to the root cause analysis of working towards eliminating thi

About Me

My name is Mary Kelly, and I am a mum of 3 who had to find a way to heal our son from an incredible number of allergies and other health issues. We replaced pills for good, real food, and homemade non-toxic remedies.

And it worked!

It lead directly to the business I now run from our farm on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. This is where I handmake the beautiful GMF Sole Balms, to help other families to Detox their Medicine Cabinets from the toxic petrochemical industry that fixes one problem, just to create another. 

We followed the GAPS protocol, healed, and now we eat a wholefoods diet. I offer recipes, advice, blogs and rants about GAPS, food choices, and the shocking state of our chronic health.

For more information on our story, click here.

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GMF Sole Balms

I make these balms myself. Each one has brought a magical, unique healing property into our home: from the liver-supporting Sleep Balm, to immediate pain relief of Calm Balm. Everything that I need as a mom, with 3 rambunctious kids, is in my medicine box. And the best part is what’s NOT in my medicine box. No toxins, no petrochemicals or steroids, or thyroid-inhibiting supposedly ‘mild’ paracetamol. No drugs, nothing with a list of side effects. No medicine that fixes one problem but introduces 2 new ones that you didn’t know about. My kids can help themselves. They have their little 30ml jars next to their bedside tables. My son uses Chest Balm when he has a blocked nose and can’t sleep. My daughter chose Achy Breaky for when she gets twitchy legs and needs magnesium after too much acrobatics. My 3 year old...well okay she doesn’t get one since she painted her bedroom wall with Black Balm 🙄

PS: An added bonus: I pray over every single balm before I send them on their way to families all over the world. They come to your family with love and hope from my family ❤️🌈

Podcasts with Quirky Cooking

Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking and I  have recorded a number of podcasts together about our story, parasites and their impact on the gut, how to prep  your body for a healthy baby, and how to do GAPS when you have depression.

You can listen to them here:

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