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RECIPE: The Perfect (healing) Morning Smoothie

Red Smoothie.jpg

There are a bunch of medicinal foods that are recommended on the GAPS protocol to:

- assist the healing of the gut lining,

- enable proper digestion of fats and minerals, - continue the rebuilding of a healthy microbiota in your GI tract, - assist the bodies organs with a gentle but persistent detox, and - promote a strong immune system.

I found that it is very difficult to keep up with all of these particular foods, each of which is really important, if I give them out separately on a daily basis. I was in the kitchen a LOT, measuring out this much kefir and that much Fermented Cod Liver Oil, and "just drink this weird water and WAIT COME BACK, WE'RE NOT FINISHED!"

Anyway, so then I read about the GAPS Shake in the FAQs (see here for the FAQs, you can search by word to find what you're after). The GAPS shake is designed to be high fat, with cold-pressed juice, and people have used it specifically to clean out the liver, and jump start the gallbladder into producing more stomach acid, so that the rest of the 'conveyor belt' functions correctly. It's a powerful tool, especially if you feel like you're 'stuck' and not healing as fast as you had hoped.

So we started making the GAPS shake, and gradually added a number of our daily medicinal routines into this shake, and now we have a morning smoothie that kicks our days into gear better than a double shot latte! It is HIGHLY addictive, in a really GOOD way.