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HOW TO: Make Essential food 1 - Meat Stock and Broth


Over the next few weeks, I will be posting information about the critically important foods that our family introduced into our diet, foods which provided immediate health benefits. For example, after two weeks of consuming meat stock with every meal, my son's Esophageal irritation disappeared, which meant that he stopped coughing and vomitting on food. My own 'dust allergies' (stuffy nose, itchy eyes, having an antihistamine every day) have reduced to almost non-existent since introducing probiotic food. I haven't taken an antihistamine in months.

I was preparing our family for the GAPS diet when I began introducing these foods, so for us it was laying the foundations for what was to come. If you or your children suffer from chronic health issues, behavioral or digestive, then these 5 foods should become a very important part of your life as soon as possible. However, I have since become absolutely convinced that every family, whether you have chronic health issues or not, should be consuming these 5 foods on a daily basis, if only to maintain health and prevent future disease. These will all be familiar to you, or to your parents generation, because it is how our grandparents used to eat. It is nothing knew, we are just 'relearning' what our ancestors already knew: that what you eat determines how you feel. We, as a generation, have been kidding ourselves if we think that all the processed packaged food on our supermarket shelves wasn't going to come with a hefty price tag: our children's health. We have a saying in our family: The longer the shelf life, the shorter the human life. But I am going to quickly climb down off the soapbox, and get back on topic, cough, cough, hmm.

The 5 essential foods are:

1) Meat stock and broth (made with organic, grass fed/ pastured meat)

2) Fermented dairy products (24 hour fermented) such as yoghurt, sour cream and kefir youghurt (a turkish probiotic that heals and seals the gut as well as re balancing gut flora.

3) Sauerkraut (homemade or refrigerated if store bought (therefore unpasteurised), and theref