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The Food Matrix

Remember that movie The Matrix? Of course you do. It was a movie that resonated with truth, and got people really thinking and talking.

Well there have been many times in my life where I have felt that God is working to unplug me from one of so many Matrixes that we human beings have created for ourselves. I have never felt this more so than in recent times, with regards to the truth about food, and the implications of the current 'Food Matrix' for our family.

Briefly, so you can see where I am coming from, I've recently been thinking about the first world's declining chronic health. I've been thinking things like: how come there are no obese wild animals? Why don't lions suffer from heart disease? I've also been thinking about how, ever since we formed bodies of scientists who became responsible for teaching us how to eat better, everything has gotten SO MUCH WORSE. Our bodies are screaming at us to unplug from the weird food and lifestyle matrix that we have plugged ourselves into. We are FAT, we are DEPRESSED, we are SICK with heart disease and cancer, we are birthing epidemic numbers of ALLERGIC, AUTISTIC, ANXIOUS children. But we seem generally unconcerned about this modern, broken way of thinking: that someone with a doctorate needs to tell us how to eat in order for it to be acceptable or good for us. It is messed up, but we can't see it.

A few things happen when we create Matrixes for society. The first is that we convince ourselves that we need to create the matrix (in the 60s, heart disease was increasing, so scientific and governmental bodies were set up to research WHY, and to control outcomes by passively agressively enforcing the findings).

The second thing that happens is that we, by our very nature, like to conform. So when emminent scientists are telling us to eat a certain way (low fat) or we will die of heart disease, we talk amongst ourselves and more and more people agree that we should do what they say.

The third thing that happens is we stop thinking for ourselves. We plug ourselves in, and submit ourselves to following the advice of the Matrix administrators.

This would all be very well and good, if the Matrix was God, who knows everything and is never wrong. But it's not God, in fact, it might be the very opposite. We have plugged ourselves into a theory, one of many theories that may or may not be correct, and we have put our faith in human understanding above all else, including our own bodies.

I don't know HOW many times I have had to re-learn the lesson that human understanding falls VASTLY short of Godly understanding. We constantly refuse to accept just how small we are in the scheme of things. We only find out just how little we understand of God's creation when we mess with it, and it all goes wrong.

Which, by the way, is where we are now with the Food Matrix.

Do not misunderstand me, God made us to be scientists, and to be excessively creative in our thinking, because that is how He operates, and we are made in His image. But we fall into that devilish trap, time and time again, of deceiving ourselves into believing that our thinking is equal to God's understanding. All we are really doing is unravelling His mysteries, like an onion. It is when we 'lean not on our own understanding' (Proverbs 3:5) that we become truly enabled to unlock our potential and do God's work. Because that is when TRUTH is revealed. That is when we can SEE.

I feel like I have experienced a revelation in truth, and I know that there are many many more people, whether they have faith in God or not, who are blessed to have had this truth revealed to them too. For us, the circumstances of this revelation were pretty appalling and traumatic to begin with. We reached our lowest point trying to help our sick child, having faith in the Food Matrix and the medical advice we were given (it was really well intentioned medical advice, but it was symptom management advice, as is so often the case with chronic health issues). In the midst of this crisis, I read a book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), and I felt that thing that happens when truth resonates in your heart. The scales fall off your eyes, you are startled and invigorated like a newborn baby, and all you can see, all around you, is the deception that you were, up until that very minute, actively participating in. For a short time there, I was overwhelmed with anger, but I couldn't maintain it because I was also consumed with HOPE.

It is everywhere. And we are all just going along with it, like it doesn't really matter. Like it is okay to fill our homes, cover our skin, feed ourselves, with toxic, fake substances. As if there will be no consequences. There are already massive consequences.

On TV: "Suffering from Reflux? Here. Drink this medicine."

On packaging: "Fat Free Yoghurt: Good for your HEART."

And here, have a Heart Foundation tick to 'Prove' it. Fat is bad. Pills will fix you. Organic is no better than commercially grown. Slather yourself in toxic sunscreen, because the sun, which provides life to all the earth, is bad and we know better.

It is what the nutritionists and doctors are taught. This doctrine, in spite of it's failures, is adhered to as if it were the Gospel Truth.

Whenever I talk to someone who believes vociferously in the current state of existence, they always say: "Nonsense, we are living longer than ever before."

Well, that may be true, but we have significantly more cancer/ dementia/ osteoperosis/ colitis/ heart disease/ diabetes/ depression etc etc etc. I don't want to live longer if that is what I have to look forward to.

And it didn't used to be this way.

"How did we all end up believing that foods created by Mother Nature will kill you, and that the key to remaining lean and healthy is to eat processed foods created by modern industry...." Tom Naughton asks in this landmark video, questioning the usefullness of following dietary guidelines, and the complete demonisation and subsequent dismissal of anecdotal evidence. (

In this video, Tim shows photographs of our parents in the 60s, of their parents in the 40s, and the beautiful creatures in the 20s. They all look HEALTHY, SLIM, VIBRANT.

If you were to take a picture of a group of 30 year olds today, most of the people in that picture would be overweight. Most would have suffered some kind of tooth decay. Most would be on some kind of medication. There was no one telling the previous generations what to eat except their mothers, and yet they had a significantly better grasp on how to achieve robust good health. Those mothers shared anecdotal information on a massive scale, and it kept their families healthy.

I agree that one person saying that they healed themselves of blindness by applying bee pollen to their eyeballs is not necessarily worth listening to. But when thousands upon thousands of mothers are healing their children from chronic modern health issues by simply changing their diet to real food, that is something we should all want to hear. That is how we fix things. We LISTEN to what is working, and we let go of what is NOT working.

By 'not working', I mean the Low Fat dietary guidelines, in case you were wondering.

Just wanna be clear.

Do you think it is fair to say that the Grand Master Food Matrix experiment has failed? We have not only failed to halt or reverse heart disease with the current dietary guidelines, but it has increased tenfold along with previously unseen epidemics. My mum recently recalled that she was 35 years old the first time she heard the term 'Nut Allergy'. She's a nurse.

I urge you to look for the truth in the food. Is it not likely that good quality animal fat and meat is good for us? Is it reasonable to suggest that eating organic, or at least chemical free food might be worth the cost, if you think about future medical bills? Do you agree with the scenario that highly processed 'fake' food is making our kids hyperactive, and in some cases, dysfunctional? Can we all agree that this is not okay?

Tim Noakes, a professor from the Univeristy of Cape Town, who is pioneering the truth about food in South Africa, said this: "...we are the only animals clever enough to manufacture our own food – and stupid enough to eat it."

Look for the truth in food. If it ihas it's own advertisement, don't eat it. If the seller uses word play and tricks and grey areas of truthfullness to sell the product, don't eat it. But if the seller HAS to be honest and truthful about their food in order to have a market, that's the one you want. You want to read that it is ORGANIC, or GRASS-FED (as God intended cows and sheep to be), or GMO free, or 100% pure cold-pressed. Start unplugging from the Food Matrix, and look away from the deceptions. Instead, look towards the Godly truth about our world. He gave us the Tree of Life. What that means is: He gave us everything we need to be chronically healthy; all the food, sun, rain, and oxygen to feed our bodies and minds. And it is when we are HEALTHY and unhindered by the impact of food deception (depressed, in pain, anxious, unable to concentrate, chronically fatigued, suffering), that we can finally be who we were born to be, and then we are free to fulfill our earthly purpose with God's guidance.

*Please note: I am not a doctor, I am a mother. This article is not medical advice, it is just some common sense about how to manage our chronic health better. If you have a medical issue, you should always see your doctor first. But don't be afraid to educate yourself either.

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