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RECIPE: Medicinal Raw Lemon Honey Jellies

Here is a recipe for you that offers an alternative to throat lozenges and is free from chemicals, toxins and refined sugar, but is packed to the brim with health giving properties.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and we were struck down with two little ones who had VERY sore throats this week, which made it hard to eat and sleep.

So I did some research to find what I had in my cupboard that might soothe and even promote healing.

There was heaps: Ginger, Onions, Lemons, Oregano Oil, Garlic, and raw Honey to name a few. These natural remedies are packed with healing enzymes that assist with easing congestion, inflammation, mucous buildup, as well as bringing heaps of vitamins and minerals to the table.

I found a recipe for a sweet honey lemon tea, and the kids weren't loving it, so I added grass fed gelatin (we use Great Lakes red can), and poured the mixture into moulds, and OOH they said, NOW it tastes SO GOOD (it tastes exactly the same...).

Kids love jellies.

End of story.