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The Second Child (the one that "didn't need any healing")

On Thursday, our family had one of those days where time becomes irrelevant, and all of your focus is on your child. Danny caught a cold, and within hours, was pale, struggling to breathe and his lips were a distressing shade of blue. We took him to the doctor, who called an ambulance before he even examined my child, which sends your heart into a faster rythymn and you feel yourself gathering your resources, your focus becomes crystal clear, and everything else falls away.

But this isn't about my first born, the child that I worry about, with whom I have a big heavy bag of historical trauma that floats to the surface every time he suffers.

This is about my second child. The one that I don't worry about, the one who still has my heart responding in a normal, typical way to any issues. The one who is frequently forgotten in the panic.

My son was out of hospital by Thursday evening, needing rest and recouperation.

And on Friday, I forgot to go to my daughter's special Kindergarten family lunch. All the other mom's were there, and I came to pick her up after school, and she was only one of a handful of kids waiting to be picked up. And when I realised, I just broke down in tears for this little second child, with her good health and her forgiving heart.

She forgave me the moment she knew I wasn't coming, because that's how she rolls.

But I wanted to spend some time on her story today, because she has had an amazing journey of healing too, and while the comparison with Daniel shows that her issues were not so extreme, when compared to most kids, she actually has a more powerful testimony.

This is because, according to us before we started the GAPS diet, she was perfectly fine and didn't really need any healing. She is an example of so many kids who have ailments that we dismiss as NORMAL, when they are in fact COMMON, but far from normal or acceptable (read a post on this topic).

Here is Edie Jean's story of recovery.