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RECIPE: GAPS Lemon Cultured Cheesecake

This recipe is dedicated to all my GAPS mamas out there who will have these ingredients on hand because that's how you roll.

You guys are freaking legends.

You deserve a gut-healing cheesecake :-)

So I was on the HUNT for a GAPS cheesecake recipe, but I couldn't find one. I found vegan, I found dairy-free Paleo, but since GAPS lets you have fermented dairy, I wanted to have the real thing! So anyway, I found a standard cheesecake recipe, crow-barred my lovely homemade yoghurt and sour cream into it, as well as my standard 3-2-1 almond base, and without sounding too full of myself....oh what the hell, I'm a FREAKING GENIUS moo hahaha!

OK in the interest of full disclosure, my first attempt at the filling flopped because the sour cream split, but the kids still loved it so they have been eating split cheesecake filling for dessert every night since... Don't judge me, raw sour cream is expensive stuff, and it's probiotic. I wasn't about to throw it in the bin. So I threw it in my kids instead.

This recipe is DELICIOUS, but it requires a bit of pre-cooking. You need to have made a batch of yoghurt and sour cream first, and you need to drip the yoghurt, all of which take time. See the * below if you are not on GAPS, so don't want the fuss of making your own yoghurt, but still want a gut-healthy cheesecake.

GAPS Lemon Cultured Cheesecake