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Hope for Healing: behavioural disorders

One of my most diligent, and consequently, successful clients (back when I was still a GAPS coach) is Gillian, a mum of three boys who was steering her family through the rigours of the GAPS Introduction protocol when I first met her. I will never forget how, in our first session, she told me that she didn't like to leave the house with her boys. They were so volatile, their behaviour was so unpredictable, that she didn't feel safe taking them out. My heart bled for this mom who had been through so much already, including cancer treatment. But all credit to her: she got stuck in and turned it all around with so much determination and focus, eyes on the prize even when things went backwards. I am happy to say that she did it. She healed her family, and continues to influence their health every single day.

Gillian's story:

Our health journey started 9 years ago when our 2nd little boy was 6 months old. He was constantly sick, didn't sleep and was intolerant to most food. I struggled to find a traditional medical doctor who could help us (I was even told that maybe he was just a naughty boy! He was a 9 month old infant who cried all the time, and that was the paediatricians response!). I eventually found a biomedical doctor who listened to me, and had some hopeful advice, and that was the start of our gut-brain journey.

The following year I had another baby so I now had a newborn, a 1 year old with major food intolerances, asthma and ADHD and a 3-year-old with allergies, anaphylaxis and behavioural issues. To say I was struggling was an understatement.

It was at this stage we all went gluten and dairy free with some great results. We followed this diet for the next 6 years along with trying lots of other things (kinesiology, chiropractic, retained neonatal reflexes, behavioural management, and other therapies like these). A lot of things helped a bit and some things helped a lot for a little while. But, I was now dealing with a 9-year-old with food and chemical intolerances who was extremely argumentative and was having random outbursts of rage, a 7-year-old diagnosed with pyrolles and asthmas who was also extremely gluten intolerant, and a 5-year-old with extreme suicidal anxiety combined with a chronic bed wetting issue.

To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with Cancer. So in the mi