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Detoxing our home

When we started our GAPS journey, I quickly realised that a huge part of the problem that needed to be solved, was the toxins that we had surrounded ourselves with. Part of the recommendations when you start GAPS, is to have a good look at your home: your medicines, your cosmetics, your cleaning products. The reason for this is beautifully put in the book: "Your skin is as absorbent as your mouth." This means that if you aren't willing to eat your cosmetics, you probably shouldn't put it on your skin.

Because we all had leaky guts, meaning that any toxins that went through the GI tract also leaked into our bloodstream, our bodies were completely overloaded with toxins. Now that we have been on the journey of detoxing our bodies, I can see how many symptoms were a sign that we were all toxic to our gills. And if I was going to go to all the hardwork that GAPS entails, I didn't want to do it in an environment that was just 'retoxing' our system.

So while we were on the GAPS diet, I started to look into our cupboards and drawers, and I started to find replacements and solutions for all these chemicals that I had come to believe I needed to keep our family clean and healthy.

Here are a few examples that may help you on this journey.

Cookware: I got rid of anything that had a coating of teflon on it, and anything that leached chemicals into our food. This included cookware with lead or aluminum, and all our plastics. I have still kept useful plastic containers that I will only ever use for cold or frozen food, but I hardly use it anymore. I replaced our cookware with stainless steel, graded at 18/10. This is the safest grading, and most good quality stainless steel is at this grade, but always check.

I found many sources of stainless steel lunchboxes, thermoses, and storage containers. We sold everything in our kitchen that we were no longer going to use, in order to afford this huge change, and we did it slowly too!