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Are your Storehouses full?

About 3 months ago, I started to feel an urgency on my heart from the Father to FILL UP YOUR STOREHOUSES. I thought to myself that I had finally gone mad when I was joining the Preppers movement (no offence, Preppers, you were right all along!). But here we are in November 2021, and if you are clear headed and watching what God is shedding the light on; what is really happening behind all the smoke and mirrors of the MEDIA, POLITY, PHARMACAEA, and other powers and principalities, you will be aware that there is a growing issue of supply chain breaking down. There are ships docked in record numbers outside port cities all over the world, that cannot get into port to be loaded or unloaded, or that are slowing down to a trickle when they can. The narrative is that the port unions are on strike, or that the demand is too high. The reality is that vaccine mandates are increasingly forcing people to choose between their jobs and their principles, and an ASTOUNDING number of people are hearing the voice of God, even when they don't realise it: He says: "ONCE I HAVE REVEALED THE LIE, YOU CAN NO LONGER COME INTO AGREEMENT WITH IT." It is an incredible, difficult, troubling, invigorating time to be alive, and I know that more and more people are turning to Him to provide the direction, peace, support, and comfort that He LOVES to provide us with.

Many of us would have already noticed that the postal system is under huge pressure, and things are taking a lot longer to get here. Just pop into IKEA and you will quickly see that you will not get even half the things you went in for.

My husband is expressing concern about IT equipment in his job being unavailable for purchase, or at least a 6 month wait.

Want a caravan to escape? 18 month waitlist.

Need a new car? 1 year to wait, and it is driving the second hand car price through the roof.

The red flags are there, the price of gas is going up, inflation is coming, it's time to get ready JUST IN CASE.

In the Book of Genesis, Pharaoh had a dream where seven ugly, gaunt cows ate up seven fat, sleek cows, and seven thin, wasted heads of grain swallowed up seven good, healthy heads of grain. Joseph told Pharaoh his dream foretold seven years of plentiful harvests, followed by seven years of famine. Joseph advised Pharaoh to collect and store grain produced during the seven years of plenty so that Egypt would have enough food to make it through the famine to follow.

I believe firmly through dreams, prophecies and confirmations, that we are heading into a period of 'famine', not caused by weather, but caused by these powers and principalities fighting to the death for governance over our minds and bodies. I don't believe it will be seven years, more like a few months of chaos. But if we have OIL in our lamps (read Matthew 25 for context), if we are PREPARED, if we have painted the blood over our doorways (Exodus 11 and 12), then we will be protected by our Father who loves to protect us. We only have to listen!

So this post, while it sounds like a SERMON, is not actually is a call to action, with some advice on what to do! We are aiming to have 3 months of food stored. Also consider supporting your current diet, not just prepping for the foods that everyone else is prepping for.

In our family, we eat mainly whole foods, cooked from scratch, using fresh produce. That makes prepping a bit difficult, because really you have to have food that stores for a long time. So we compromised a bit, and this is what we have done:


1) Invest in more refrigeration options! We now have slowly accumulated 2 large fridges, one small bar fridge, 2 standing freezers, and we are in the process of buying a deep chest freezer for meat. We live on a farm and we have a BIG shed, so this is made possible by that fact!

2) We have a generator and solar with a battery to run these fridges in a power crisis.

3) I emptied out a cupboard in the house that used to have my ironing board, vacuum and other bits and bobs in it. Now I don't actually iron, but for a long time I needed to feel like a person who COULD iron if I HAD to.... I have resolved this insecurity by throwing away the ironing board (I kept the iron ha ha). I also bought a Dyson and hung it on the wall and threw out the big old vacuum. Then I bought some solid shelves off marketplace (er, MEASURE THE SPACE FIRST!!).

Now I have a nice tall cupboard of shelves for storing essentials. I put it in the house, so that rats and moths couldn't get into it.

I then set about stocking the shelves with foods that would last, but that would also maintain health. I had to think not only about the humans, but also the pets! The rest of this article will provide some ideas on things I have stocked. It is not an exhaustive list, because that would take too long to write! Just some good ideas I had that might spark your own creative prepping journey!

VEGETABLES: certain veggies have a long shelf life, or at least longer than others. I recommending the following:

1) Buy an extra JAP or BUTTERNUT pumpkin every week, and stick it on a cool dry shelf! We are aiming for 10 pumpkins.

2) Onions and Garlic last quite well, but not as long as gourds. You can hang onions to avoid mould.

3) For all other veggies, start thinking hard about your veggie patch. Get your soil quality up, get your SEEDS in order, and start planting! A seed bank is critical.

4) I recommend buying 2 deep growing tubs, 1 for CARROTS and 1 for POTATOES.

5) Think about getting set up for canning, fermenting and prolonging the life of your abundant vegetable: FERMENT ANYTHING, make your SAUERKRAUT, can your JAMS and PICKLES!

6) Think about cutting up and freezing fruit, like blueberries, mango and bananas, that you can then add to smoothies in the future.


We are lucky enough to live on a farm where we raised some cows, and we are lucky enough to be in a position where we are about to process that grass-fed Hereford cow for meat. But I am still thinking about other cuts and meats:

1) My butcher is selling me weekly bags of wing nibbles, drumsticks, thighs, as well as carcasses for broth

2) I have bought a large number of spatchcock frozen organic chickens, which pack well in a freezer

3) MINCE! We make a lot a meatballs, bolognaise, and other mince and broth based meals, so I am buying extra packs of kilo mince and stacking it in the freezer.

4) When you eat chicken as a family, DON'T BIN THE BONES! Drummies, wings, whole roast carcasses: bag and freeze them.


1) TUNA and SARDINES, a wonderful source of vitamin A and fish oil for both humans and pets!

2) COCONUT MILK, for the dairy free, and as a fat source for cooking

3) UHT Organic unsweetened Almond Milk

4) RICE: we don't eat a lot, but it would be a great staple and it stores well

5) UNBLEACHED WHEAT: I bought a 25kg bag for sourdough bread, and it is stored in the bar fridge to keep moths, mould and mice out of it.

6) DRIED FRUIT (no sulphites): I have bags of DATES, SULTANAS, ALMONDS for making high energy and mineral snacks

7) COFFEE and CHOCOLATE! These may turn out to be valuable currency!

8) Buy TALLOW in bulk! Fat is important!

8) ROOIBOS TEA, without which life will not be worth living anyway...

9) HONEY!!


Don't forget about things that you need in your daily life!

1) LADIES: Sanitary items! Although if you can get into the period undies, that solves that problem!

2) MEDICINES: BALMS! (on sale now!) Antihistamine, headache medication, vitamins, supplements that you regularly need, bandaids, cotton wool swabs, Epsom salts, Activated Charcoal, Iodine! We also invested in empty bottles like nasal spray bottles, as well as spray bottles for making cleaning products.

3) A bottle of concentrated CASTILLE SOAP! SO recommend: you can make soap, shampoo, cleaner, the list is endless.

4) Essential oils! OREGANO, LEMON, TEA TREE, LAVENDER, you know, the ones that solve many problems!





9) GAS canisters for the BBQ

There is an awful lot to think about, and I have probably just scratched the surface. It's also different for every family, so my overarching advice to those of you who are hearing the guidance to get ready, is to draw up a spreadsheet of things you would need to be comfortable in a crisis, work out your amounts, your budget, work out your storage solutions and then get prepping!

Like I said to my husband, I'd rather we were prepared and not need it, than need it and not be prepared.

4 ความคิดเห็น

I get what you're saying......have had similar thoughts for a while now......hmmm!

Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly
24 พ.ย. 2564

There is a God heart whispering happening that is getting louder!


Awesome advice - thoroughly agree. Reminds me of ‘Once a term cooking’ where you prep main meals and snacks for 12 weeks 🤔 by Rebekkah Freeman - apt name (via Quirky Cooking originally)

Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly
24 พ.ย. 2564

Yes! Prepping meals is such a good idea too!

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